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Sharing a new photo from a recent shoot for all my #maddians

juliehappy asked:
You're gorgeous!! ♥

Thank you so much!

ilymaddijane asked:
Hey Maddi! I have so much to ask, haha :) Have you ever dyed your hair? (It's gorgeous!) Who is your favourite band and artist? Can you also give us a clue of your next cover? (It'll be amazing!)

I’ve had my hair highlighted but I haven’t fully dyed my hair before.

ikasetyowati asked:
do you love photography blog or hipster?

I actually don’t use Tumblr very much. I’d love recommendations!

Are you currently working on a cover? (:

Already recorded so it should be out soon.

lemadijane asked:
Hi Maddi! :') I know you probs won't be able to read this but I just want to let you know you're so amazing. I loved you since I saw you on Ellen, and I'm really happy we have the same name. Haha. Is there a chance you will do another video of an original song? 'Cus I love barricade so much. xx

I plan to release many original songs. I’m not really focusing on covers right now.

would you like to go to africa someday?

I’d love to.

ohitsscarlett asked:
Hi maddi, would you do an skype group chat with your fans? :)

I’m doing a Justin Bieber cover.

devinawidyas asked:
when you will make an album? I wanna buy it!!! I hope it's coming soon :) love you! thanksss.

I’m in the process if writing and recording my first album right now.